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MINI CATS (1st through 5th Grade)

Basketball is often an outlet to improve one’s life through competition while learning the value of team work and the ability to overcome adversity.  The commitment and positive attitude needed to maximize success will provide life lessons through self-improvement that leads to better discipline, and a stronger work ethic both on and off the court. 

Falling in love with the process and having fun is a crucial part to ensure all athletes get the most out of each practice or game.  This energy will be generated by our coaches, and their love for the game will show and lead our players on what it means to be a Wildcat day in and day out. 

The development of our athletes will always remain our top priority.  Each season as a part of our program, athletes will experience an enhanced skill and team progression put together by our Director of Player and Coaches Development.  This will ensure all athletes continue to develop and improve their skills and understanding of the game.  Simultaneously, they will be challenged in an upbeat and positive atmosphere that will promote growth, and healthy competition.   

We believe that each practice should consist of a well thought out plan for each age level to ensure improvement from both an individual skill and a team perspective occurs.  Our athletes will develop and understand the game at a more efficient rate that will allow them to be ready for competition at an earlier age.  

We will begin playing 3v3 as early as the end of our 1st grade season and will ramp up into a 3v3 in-house league and potential outside competitions by the time they are in 3rd grade.  4th Graders will be introduced to both 4v4 and 5v5 and will be ready to compete in a minimum 2-3 tournaments by the end of the season.   5th Graders will play in between 4-6 tournaments during their season and will have 10 skill development sessions included in addition to their practice time.