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River Falls Girls Basketball Association Guidelines pertaining to Covid-19

All active participants and parents will read and abide by the Statement of Understanding stated in the guidelines (bottom of page).

This will be agreed upon prior to participating in RFGBA events. This is not legally binding, but an agreement between player, staff, and RFGBA to abide by best practice recommendations for anyone who is sick/ill.

Statement of Understanding

Any player or player’s family member who is ill in any way, specifically experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness or breath, chills, sore throat, the new loss of taste or smell), should stay home until the CDC’s published isolation criteria are met.

RFGBA board members and coaches will utilize their best judgment with all players and send home those athletes reporting feeling ill or experiencing symptoms.

Should anyone participating with River Falls Girls Basketball Association, coach or athlete, be diagnosed with COVID-19, they should immediately contact RFGBA Covid Director and follow proper healthcare procedures as laid out by their health care professional, including isolation if they are asked to do so by their doctor or by any State’s Department of Health. Athletes, coaches, and staff must have, in writing, signed, clearance from their health care professional to resume activity after a COVID-19 diagnosis OR the original, dated, “order” to isolate with the specified duration from their health care professional so RFGBA can verify their compliance with that “order” upon their return.

Pre-Workout/Pre-Contest Screening:

All coaches, athletes and families are required to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. The following policies and procedures are being implemented to assess the health status, of all, prior to participation in RFGBA events. This process is not all-encompassing and does not guarantee the health of any individual participating.

  1. Athletes and coaches should be symptom-free before attending practices or games.
  2. Athletes and coaches should follow River Falls School District guidelines for symptoms/return to play.
  3. Stay home if you have any symptoms or have been notified by public health as a “close contact” of someone testing positive for Covid-19
  4. Individuals at increased risk should consider their risk before attending or participating
  5. A record will be kept of all individuals present at team activities.
  6. Coaches will report attendance to “Covid-Director” to be entered into a spreadsheet.
  7. If a coach or player is out of school/work for quarantine of any kind they must be out of RFGBA activity for that duration as well.

Read the FULL River Falls Girls Basketball Association Season Guidelines for Covid-19 below.

COVID Director Information

Should anyone participating with River Falls Girls Basketball Association, coach or athlete, be diagnosed with COVID-19, they should immediately contact:

COVID-19 Director - 
Natalie Sticht 763-232-0143


Contact Tracing

-Detailed records of individual attendance at RFGBA events will be kept and provided to health authorities upon request to allow for contact tracing should it be necessary.  Upon official request, parent contact information will be provided.  

-Information will ONLY be provided to government/health authorities, it will not be shared with coaches, staff, athletes or families.  Government/health authorities will contact individuals to relay any additional actions that must be taken.  Because RFGBA members/coaches  are not licensed medical experts, other than in direct cases of diagnosis, we will not implement additional mandatory isolation of secondary or tertiary contacts.  However, athletes/families/coaches are required to notify Covid Director if they are ordered to isolate by a government or health authority; and that order must be adhered to by the athlete or coach.

General Practice Specific Guidelines:

  1. All team practices will be separated by a 15-minute gap in between to ensure that all players from a team have exited the building before the next team is allowed to enter. 
  2. It is imperative that players arrive as close to their scheduled practice time as possible. 
  3. Dropping athletes off early will not be allowed.
  4. Players should wait in their vehicles until the coach opens the entrance door. This signals that the gym is ready for use.
  5. Players should be picked up promptly after practice
  6. Each athlete will bring their own gym bag for personal items. All personal items should remain in their bag while not in use. Gym bags should be placed at least 6 feet apart for the duration of practice.

1st/2nd/3rd/4th grade skills - (Saturday mornings only)

  1. Each player uses their own ball 
  2. Player will be dropped off and coaches will meet players at the facility entrance to check them in.
  3. No parent spectators allowed.  
  4. Coaches will walk players to exit for pickup.  
  5. Masks are required at all times in the school buildings.
  6. Each coach will be responsible for a pod of players to be kept the same each week.  No more than 10 players per court.
  7. Sessions will be scheduled so that there is adequate time for the prior session to exit before the new session begins
  8. Hand sanitizer will be used as athletes enter/exit the building.

5th-8th grade teams (Practice 1-2x per week)

  1. Players will be dropped off and coaches will meet players at the entrance for check-in procedures prior to practicing.  
  2. No parents allowed watching practice. 
  3. Coaches will walk players to exit for parent-pick up
  4. Masks required inside school buildings
  5. Maximum 10 players per court
  6. Hand sanitizer provided before/after practice & games
  7. Uniform handout will be conducted at a team specified time to avoid mass gathering or will pre-package uniforms for hand out (Still TBD)
  8. Coaches will be provided with parent contact information in case of emergency while at practice